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Saturday 16 January 2021 // Start time not determined yet.

Due to COVID-19, there will be changes to the 2021 compared to earlier.

About the race

The race has been arranged more than 10 years, and since 2013 it has been arranged by Spirit - Stavanger Friidrettsklubb. It is named after the beach just next to the start/finish area/hotel which is also a beach you will run past. The 10 km course has only one hill of significance, the 21 km course has a bit more variation. Both races are primarily on asphalt. 740 people completed the race in 2018.


kr 200/250 - 10 km/half marathon for registration by 30 September

kr 300/350 - 10 km/half marathon for registration in October and November 

kr 350/400 - 10 km/half marathon for registration after 1 December

kr 450/500 - 10 km/half marathon for registration on race day.

Please go to EQ-timing to register .



In addition a small fee for the online registration and an insurance license to the athletics association are added to the registration fee. 


For more information about the license, see here (information in Norwegian)

Bib pickup

Friday 15  January 2021, 11:00-19:00 (Sport 1 Sola sentrum)

Saturday 16 January 2021, 10.00-11:50 (Sola Strand Hotel).



Race day times

We recommend to arrive early, at least 40 minutes ahead. 

21 km start time is at not yet known.

10 km start time is at not yet known.

Max time is 1:30 for 10 km and 3:00 for 21 km.

  • The 3 best women and men for both races are winning cash prices (1st: 2500 kr, 2nd: 1000 kr, 3rd: 500 kr).

  • There will also be an additional price for a new course record in both classes and both distances. *

  • There are a number of prices for age-class specific winners on both distances. *

  • Everyone completing the race will receive a medal with an image from the area and the date of the race.

  • A number of sponsor gifts are given to contestants picked at random. Please check after the race if you are among the winners.  *


Start and finish

Sola Strand Hotel is the location of the finish line and the start line for each distance is within a few minutes walking distance from the hotel: 10 km is approximately 200 meters from the finish line and 21 km is approximately 400 meters away.

Before and after the race you can stay indoors in the race conference rooms.


At 19:30 (7:30 pm) on the race day we arrange a "Marathon-dinner" or After-run at the hotel. The cost for this is 425 kr and you should register by calling the hotel on phone: 51 94 30 00 or email to This is a great opportunity to chat with others runners and celebrate your day in the course.


After-run / Room booking

You can contact the hotel at phone: 51 94 30 00 or email to  to get an offer for the night or the weekend, and this can be combined with the After-run too.

* Might change due to COVID-19


KR 800,- pr år


  • Fri startkontingent 'Spirit' arr. (må delta i SPIRIT klubb bekledning)

  • Kvalifisert trenerkompetanse (lavterskel, ungdomstiltak, maraton, elite)

  • Oppfølging personlig utvikling - trening

  • Unik oppfølging konkurranse plan, forberedelser, gjennomføring, evaluering

  • Klubb bekledning av topp kvalitet til konkurransedyktig pris

Engangslisens /adm.gebyrer i mosjonsløp evt. helårslisens (valgfritt 375 eller 700) er ikke inkludert i medlemskontingenten.

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